7 Things that Surprised Me in Dublin

I have just been to Dublin and I loved the city of Guinness. What I would like to share with you as a start is the 7 things that I wasn’t expecting and that surprised me the most.

Let’s start…

1. Beer is so very good in the Guinness hometown, and I’m not talking only of this particular brand, but it is definitely not cheap! I was expecting lower prices than in Italy but that was not the case. But they were worthy every penny.

Irish Breakfast2. It is known that breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and that is why in Dublin you can have breakfast at any time of the day. One day we had what we considered 4 breakfast meals: hotel cookies breakfast at 9.00, Starbuck coffee breakfast with pudding at 10.30, Irish style full breakfast at 13.00 and Irish coffee (not really breakfast like) and sweet, sweet breakfast pie at 17.00. Is’t it the best diet ever?

3. It is me or tonight is just hot? Well, yeah, in Dublin mornings are ok, midday is chilly and evening is hot…. from the weather point of view. (In any case I would be curious to know if it is always like that or just the days we were there? Any comment?)

dancing4. Don’t expect to ever know how much the bus cost so keep all you change in the wallet that you might need it soon. We took the same bus 4 times in 5 days to go back and forth from hotel to the center and every time we paid different. Mah!

5. Dubliners do love live music. Which is great! Everywhere you go at night you can find street musicians at every corner and some players in most of the pub. A very nice way to enjoy your pint.

6. Monday is the drink yourself up day! In fact most of museums are closed on Monday. Not to mention Sunday morning and the evenings after 6. No wonder there are over 1000 pubs in Dublin.


7. Ever wandered why the record book is called the Guinness World Record book? Because it was invented here by Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director of Guinness, in 1951. And of course it all happened in a pub. People were discussing about the fastest bird and no answer was in sight. He thought that many similar questions were probably discussed in other pubs and therefore he decided to find condense all the answers in one book for future reference. The first edition of 1954 soon became a bestseller.
I discovered this in our (Monday) tour at the Guinness storehouse!

Dublin castle

Credits:  Images by Monica ©

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