Mount Colmajer – Trekking in Carnia

Sometimes you realize that you have travelled far from home to discover new places but that actually you could spend years visiting your neighborhoods and finding always new and incredible things to see.

The trekking that I did today is the perfect example.

The Colmajer woods

I just came back from Carnia, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, one hour or so from my city of Trieste, where some friends organized a group trekking on the circuit of Mount Colmajer. It was a three hours walk through the forest and up to the top of the mountain.

We started from the Tita Piaz retreat (at 1417 m) taking the path (indicated as CAI 238) that climbs into the wood up to the ridge covered with larch and spruce and brings you to Casera Nauleni, at 1641 m.
This first part of the walk, that took around 40 minutes, was the perfect path to warm up in today’s weather that was sunny and covered at the same time.

Climbing to the topThen we started the second part of the trekking that was definitely more challenging.

Steep steps between rocks and roots brought us to the top of Mount Colmajer (about 1850 m) or at least that’s what I think it was because we were accompanied through the walk by clouds and fog. At the top we couldn’t do much because the view was covered and so we soon started the way down.

The beginning was on the ridge of the mountain, on a path that an ibex would have approved. Here the challenge was greater due to the wet rocks and grass that lead you down all the way to the Casera Colmajer. All together this part of the trekking took around two hours.

Opening up the clouds

At the Casera we did a small (but not too small pic-nic) and then we started our way down in the woods to get back to the Tita Piaz retreat. This third part was maybe the best one because, being the easiest one downhill, one could concentrate on the surrounding woods that were covered in yellow and red leaves that embraced you in the warm of colors of the autumn. As you can see from the pictures the woods’ colors where incredible and I really enjoyed this walk.

Tita Piaz retreatOnce down, we had reserved a table at the Tita Piaz where we had a great lunch dedicated to the flavors of autumn: mushrooms and pumpkin, radicchio from the mountain and goat cheese, polenta, frico and venison stew. And of course to conclude a digestive grappa made from mountain herbs.

As you might have inferred the day was amazing. It seemed that autumn was the perfect season for this path but I would bet that even in spring or summer it is not bad. Some people from the group that know better this area suggested a tour in winter with snow, if we should be able to organize it you will be the first to know how it goes!


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