LOCANDINA_2014_fronteI just came back yesterday from Mestre, in the province of Venice, where the 4th Edition of the exhibition “Carnets Drawings Words” took place at the Candiani Cultural Center and organized by the Association Matite in Viaggio (

Works from 71 artists, Italians and foreign, were exhibited and I was very honored to be one of them for the first time. The exhibit was organized in three sessions: Carnet de Voyage, where the sketchers represented they travels and life, the I World War session dedicated to the memories of the war in the 100th anniversary, and the third “terreacquevicinelontane“that regarded water and what it means to the life of a place.

I really enjoyed the event because it was full of energy and ideas. To be able to confront myself with artists whose work is amazing, to be able to meet them and talk to them was a great experience that showed me the passion behind the work of the artist, together of course with the hard work.

The event opened on Friday the 10th of October in the evening and it was quite crowded. It took me more than an hour to see the sketches, of course in the meanwhile seeing some old sketcher friends and getting to know new ones.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to sketch in Venice, which is a city that I have visited many times but this time I did look at it in a different way. In Mestre there were also some conferences organized that unfortunately I didn’t have the time to take part in.20141013_100603_2

On Sunday, last day of the exhibition, there was a lecture from Federico Gemma, a wildlife artist, regarding the steps between the sketchbook and a finished painting. A part from the incredible works that he showed us, I was impressed from a concept that he mentioned and, I think, expresses the concept from which the Urban Sketching (and art itself) takes off but that sometimes I forget.

The idea that art starts from first hand experience. That only experience can give life to your work because you can give emotions only by having felt emotions. And sketching is something that brings you just there. The fact itself to take time to draw what you are seeing and living allows you to experience an overload of sensations that will remain relentlessly connected with the lines on the paper, something that you will recall every time you watch your sketchbook and that your viewer will experience too.


As you might have inferred, I was really enthusiast of this event because, I hope, it gave me the great opportunity to grow a bit as a person and hopefully as a wannabe part time artist.

If you want to know more about the event you can check the official page of Matite in Viaggio:

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