Dublin in my eyes

The Spike

The Spike

I loved Dublin!

It was a city that I considered to be authentic and unreal at the same time. Authentic because monuments and palaces don’t look perfect, they look lived in but at the same time clean and organized. Unreal because of the architecture: medieval castles and churches, small houses dovetailed with historical mansions and circled by steel and glass architecture.

Maybe it is not majestic and it seems, at first sight, that it doesn’t have much to show but my feeling is that it is a city easy to be in and a city that uncovers its secrets slowly. A city that needs to get lost in, a city that needs time, and I hope one day I will have that time to offer her, that’s why Dublin is back in my list of places to go back to!

In the meanwhile, to keep my memory fresh and to give you an idea what I’m talking about, I present you with a small photo-gallery of my pictures of Dublin.

Have you been to Dublin? Did you like it? There was something you liked most? Let me know what you think about the city and if I missed out something!




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