Treasures of Trieste – Villa Necker and Villa Italia

Last Saturday I had the opportunity, thanks to my friend Teresa that organized everything, to take part in a sketching event in Trieste. We went to draw in two Villas that I didn’t know before and it was a great surprise to discover something new in my own city

Villa Necker - Trieste

Villa Necker – Trieste

We sketched in the morning at Villa Necker, in Via dell’Università. This Villa was build in the second half of 1700 by Antonio Strohlendorf as a countryside house. Later on it became  property of Faraone Cassis, a rich Egyptian merchant, who enlarged the villa and created the garden, which is the first example of Italian garden in Trieste (now closed, unfortunately).

Tradition says that the project of the Villa was made by the French architect Champion and similarities with Villa Murat can be found in the stylistic elements, the strong sense of volumes and the simple geometries typical of French architecture of that period. The façade is characterized by a semi-circular porch with columns (very difficult to draw, I discovered).

The Villa has also been home of Girolamo Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, and the place of birth of Girolamo Napoleone.

Before becoming property of the State the Villa was bought by Teodoro Necker from whom it takes the actual name and also headquarter of the Habsburg Navy.

In the afternoon, since the Bora (the wind of Trieste) started striking we decided to draw inside Villa Italia, also situated in Via dell’Università. I decided to draw the entrance hall from the top of the stairs because I really liked the entrance door and the windows. I couldn’t finish the drawing because it was time to go but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Villa Italia - Trieste

Villa Italia – Trieste

Just few words on the Villa: this building is inspired to the Liberty style and it was built in 1907 by the architect Giorgio Zaninovich, commissioned by the Austrian Trieste Society. At the beginning of World War I it became a military hospital and in November 1918, with the entry of Trieste in the Regno d’Italia, it was  requisitioned by the Military Governor. In 1921 it became hedquarter of the Artillery Command and later on in 1922 of the Territorial Military Tribunal. 

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