San Giusto – Patron of Trieste

San Giusto sketch

San Giusto sketch

Today, the 3rd of November, is the day of the patron of my city, San Giusto (Saint Justus) and I wanted to dedicate something to this Saint to which the city is very connected.

San Giusto was born here in Trieste and he was a Christian in a land of the romans. In 293 he was accused for this and asked to recuse his faith but he didn’t. Therefore he was sentenced to death by drowning.

The story tells us that he was thrown off a boat in the Gulf of Trieste with some stones attached to him. On the night of his death the bishop of the city, Sebastian, dreamt that Justus’ body had been washed ashore in spite of the weights and went to search for him with a group of believers. They found his body and they buried it in secret in the cemetery near the now called Piazza Hortis.

In the Middle Ages Justus’ body was translated in a chapel near the church of Mary Mother of God, at the top of the hill. When in 11th century the chapel was joined to the church in what became the cathedral of the city, it became known as cathedral of Saint Justus.

As you can see from the drawing San Giusto can be recognized by the palm of martyrdom in one hand and the city of Trieste in his arm, representing the protection he offers to the city he lived in.


San Giusto, the statue on the cathedral wall

This church on the top of the hill is still the central part of the historical city and a focal point of the religious life of the catholics of the city and it is also very particular from an architectural point of view, which is why I will come back later with more information about it.

In the meanwhile, let’s go enjoy the holiday of the patron’s day!


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