Art Evening at Mauro Martoriati Studio

Last September, wandering in Trieste I entered the studio of Mauro Martoriati in Via Rittmeyer 4/a. He is a roman artist ( that is now also living in Trieste. Entering his studio I was amazed of his art: I loved the freshness of his works. He manages to communicate, to create emotions and surprise in the viewer with the use of mixed media techniques and materials.

Portrait revisitedOn Tuesday he organized an evening in his studio where he talked about some of his paintings and their evolution and where he showed how he works.

Later, since he knew we were searching for an art course, he called me and another guy to make a portrait of somebody in the room.

I was very self-conscious and it has been really hard to work in front of everybody. I did the drawing of a girl that was there. After he took the pencil and I was amazed on how, in 60 seconds, he managed to give life to that drawing. Also he followed by giving colors to our drawings and seeing him paint it gave me the hitch to take the brush in my hand.

His works are very gestural and immediate, showing a great capacity for observation and it really impressed me because working in the spur of the moment without thinking of mistakes is something really hard for me and I wish to learn somehow.

And now, enough said, I show you the results of the evening…

image-1 image-2 image-3 image-4 image-5

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