“The Salt of the Earth” – A trip with Sebastião Salgado

locandina-sale-della-terraI just came back from watching the movie “The Salt of the Earth” a trip through the life of the photographer Sebastião Salgado. I didn’t know anything about him before, nothing about his life nor his work. But I heard that the movie was about photography and Brazil and I couldn’t resist. And it was totally worthy.

It is a though movie, not easy on the eye nor the stomach nor the mind. I did cry out for sadness and beauty. And I loved it because it was a movie that touched me deeply.

Also what I liked was the connection between the amazing art he creates and the deeply human concerns he shows through his pictures.

Salgados travelled the world following his projects on topics of social interest: the workers of the world, life in Africa, the refugees, etc. And he was deeply touched by all of this. He somehow lost himself seeing the hell the humans are able to create against their own specie. And seeing this idea, that is also mine in the moments of discouragement, reflected in his pictures was vey painful.

But I was relieved by seeing that when he thought he lost everything, he found his way out through nature, through life.  The constant strength of trees, fighting against the desert in his own land in Brazil that was destroyed like himself.

This strength gave him a new reason to live and to create.

His last project, at least at the time of the movie, became a celebration of nature that still survives to the humans and still bring life to us. And this was the part that touched me for his beauty and strength: whatever we do as humans, nature is stronger.

Last but not least, I was sort of inspired by the example of this man that risked a sure path as an economist to follow his passion for photography and managed to express himself and follow his own path, balancing art, adventure and family.

It makes me think that everything is possible, you need to take the risk and pursue what you think is worth risking everything for.

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One Response to “The Salt of the Earth” – A trip with Sebastião Salgado

  1. Enrico says:

    I totally agree with you, Chiara. My feelings were the same. A great film. Enrico Panusca

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