Michelangelo… Contextualized

Aperitivo d'Arte col FaiIf you know Michelangelo’s work and think that its beauty speaks for itself and doesn’t need explanation you might be right from the emotional point of view.

This is what I also thought after living 6 years in Florence and seeing Michelangelo’s masterpieces many times tell.

Of course Michelangelo’s works are pure ecstasy and don’t really need anything more but once you get to know the context you add so much depth to it.

This is what I had the opportunity to do yesterday evening at the first Art Aperitif about renaissance organized by FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) of Trieste at the Caffé Verdi. The lecturer, professor and sculptor Francesco Grazioli, put so much passion in explaining Michelangelo’s work that a new opportunity of understanding opened up in front of me.

michelangelo_davidMichelangelo as a sculptor was explained, looking at the growth of the artist and his work, a work that is so forward that it is still today inspiring the vanguards. His finished not finished that is actually finished, his choice of characters, his use of symbolism, his capacity to include extremes, such as life and death, in his work is something that makes his art still unreachable.

Entering in contact with a deeper perspective now makes me hitch to go back to see his works to understand more and to be touched more deeply by his work that is an inspiration for art and for life itself: because it shows how striving for excellence can lead you to discover new dimensions and how life is all about being passionate about what we do.

Next appointments with Renaissance, to be announced, will be Raffaello and Leonardo, the three characters that can summarize such a incredible era, and I’m looking forward to them.

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