PADOVA – Festival d’Oriente 2014


Koto Player from Japan

I just came back yesterday from Padova (Padua) where on Sunday I went to see the “Festival d’Oriente” that is taking place during those two weekends. This is a Festival that has arrived at the 9th Edition and is traveling around Italy.

Maybe my expectations were too high and I was hoping in a Festival where I could learn something about the Eastern world: their millenary cultures and their exotic places,in particular about some countries that are less knows, such as Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Tibet but also from those more known such as China, Japan or Thailand.


Dancers from Sri Lanka

I went there because I thought it was the opportunity to learn something new, to see new things and to taste new flavors.

In the end I would describe the Festival as banal and overly commercial: products were those that you can find in any Chinese/Indian shop wherever in Italy, food was Italicized and the shows were the only nice thing (some of them) together with some of the exhibitions of martial arts.


Bali Dancers, Indonesia

All together it was ok as a way to spend a different day during a winter weekend but I don’t think it is something that I would go back to. Fortunately it is in Italy, so I could connect the visit to the great Padua city in my itinerary (more in a post to come).

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance

I’m a bit upset, because it could have been a grand event, an opportunity to create culture and knowledge but it became a way to try to sell random stuff that people don’t really understand.

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