Amazing X-Mas Concert: NOEL – Armonie di Natale

NOEL2014It took place on the 14th of December the Concert titled “NOEL – Armonie di Natale” at the Lutheran Evangelical church of Trieste in Via S. Lazzaro, promoted by the Choir of the University of Trieste and the Accademia Organistica Tergestina.

First of all the ambience was perfect: this church built in the 1700 by the will of all the German merchants in Trieste during the Austro-Hungarian empire is extremely simple and rich at the same time. The gothic style with all the wooden decorations creates the perfetct athmosphere to listen to music and in this case the selection made by the Maestro Riccardo Cossi was excellent.

The concert began with a selection of organ and violin music, including music ranging from Bach to Schumann and Reger and from Morricone to Piazzolla. The players were two young and talented girls, Silvia Pisana Reinotti and Michela Sabadin, studying at the Tartini’s Conservatory in Trieste and now taking part in the “Accademia Accademia Tergestina”.

The second part of the concert was made of the performance of the Choir of the University of Trieste, an ensemble of almost 60 young singers that put together an incredible repertoire.
Maestro Cossi explained that the choice of the musics wanted to be an excursus through the history of choral music.  Starting from the Gregorian music, mono toned, toward Da Palestrina that in 16th Century created the counterpoint style. Later on came Bach with his Baroque melodies and in 1800 the Romantic music by Mendelssohn and Fauré. The last part of the concert was dominated by modern music with Kodaly (1900) that played with the Gregorian music revisiting it in modern style, with an English Christmas Carol in Cathedral Style, which means variations on a given stanza. To conclude in an unexpected way, Maestro Cossi has chosen pop music with “Bohemian Rhapsody” by  The Queen, which received a final consensus that lead to the encore with this same song.

All through the concert, inspired by the music I decided to do a small sketch that I hope renders, at least partially, the magic atmosphere that the musicians presented us with their play and their voices.

NOEL2014 - Choir performance

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