The new year is almost there and I’m working on my resolutions, but what I already decided that I want to do more in 2015 is drawing and blogging.


365 A daily Creativity Journal – the book the put in my mind the idea to make a creative project

It has been at least 2 years that I say to myself that drawing every day will increase my skills and my creativity better than any other thing and it is two years that I’m postponing the beginning and looking for excuses to start the next day, the next week or the next month.

The result? I haven’t started yet!

A part from the procrastination problem, the other thing that blocks me is inspiration. If I have to draw something that happens today, I always think that something better will happen later on in the day. And usually it is right, not much action happening in the office during the day, but at night I’m always too tired.

So to avoid this inspiration problem, I decided to involve my friends in a 52 weeks drawing challenge that is actually starting today!

I picked 6 categories:
– Objects or actions
– Characters
– Animals
– Places or monuments
– Painters or artists
– Concepts or ideas

I asked my friends to write one thing for each category and to give the list to me in secret. I will not read the papers until their time comes. I will put all papers together and I will continue collecting more. Every week I will take one list and use the six categories to draw every day during the week. I picked six categories because I suppose this way I can use the extra day to finish up the unfinished (or to be lazy 😉

Of course the idea is to upload the finished works at the end of each week, making it easier to keep up with the project also from the posting point of view.

So, since it is Monday today, I thought “Why should I wait?” In any case the 1st would be in thee middle of the week and it would mess it all…

So here is the first list, proposed by Roberta G. :

– WAND (bacchetta magica)
– CROCODILE (coccodrillo)
– MILKY WAY – IMMENSITY (Via Lattea – Immensità)

I just opened up the paper and my mind is already spinning around… In half an hour I’ll be back home and I’m already trying to figure out what to draw!

I hope you like the idea! Let me know.

See you soon in 2015!

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