Creativity Project – First week

Here we are, already on the 12th of January… When you say that time flies!

I went to Vienna at the beginning of the year for couple of days and I did draw there a bit and therefore I didn’t finish the drawings from the first week, not a nice start I would say But I decided that I would post what I did anyway:

My Character: Asterix, that I really enjoyed doing because it is a comic from my youth that I always found very funny and sharp…





The second one was about the Milky Way and the concept of Immensity. I was inspired for this by the exhibition I’ve seen in Vienna at the Albertina Museum by Arnulf Rainer, an Austrian artist and painter born in 1929. There was this huge painting that created like a black hole so I took inspiration by drawing the opposite: from darkness to a central light. The execution was fast but I enjoyed the process.


Magic Wand

The last one I did was the object: a Magic Wand. Somehow the idea to incorporate it in a Zentangle I was doing came to my mind and this was the result: can you see it?

Therefore the first week (uncomplete) is over with some missing works: crocodile, Parque Guelle and the artist Vedova. I will keep them in a list so that I can someday maybe go back to them 😉

And now the words for the new week by Cristiana:

– To Dream
– Ratatouille
– Black Panther
– Paris
– Monet
– Friendship

So I conclude saying to myself good luck and have fun!

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