Trekking on the Mount Sorantri in Carnia

Another adventure just out of the doorstep.


On the 8th of March I went with couple of friends to the excursion organized by T.A.M. (Tutela Ambiente Montano) of the Group Alpina delle Giulie of Trieste in the Carnia region.

We started from the city of Raveo (near Villa Santina) and  climbed to Monte Sorantri.
We were lucky enough to have a wonderful sunny day that looked like spring.
The excursion was very interesting, starting from the walk that was very easy, an hour twenty minutes climb for 400m of altitude, in an area not very well known, on a stone street covered in leaves, tons of leaves.


Mountain view

At the top of the Mount Sorantri the surprise: the historical rests from the Paleolithic, from the Celts and from the Roman Period, going from 300 bC to the first century aC.
Lead by the professors that years ago worked on the excavations and the study of the area, we had a great explanation of the site and in particular we could see the rests of the town walls and of the houses that were inhabited in the first century. Also, it was explained, in an house were found rests of many animals that, being studied, helped undestand the habits of the period: how they killed the animals, what they used them for, how they were breed, and many more information about the economics of the village.

The butcher house

Everything was discoverd quite casually by some people searching for iron rests with their own metal detector. There were many findings and most of the objects were delivered to the Soprintendenza that started the studies in the area. Now the rests are conserved in the Archeological Museum of the Zuglio town.
And this was the second part of the excursion.
After the nice walk, the explanation and a packed lunch in the sun, we went to Zuglio to see the Museum, also explained by the professors. At the museum are exhibited and explained hundreds of reperti in chronological order from the Celtic weapons and burial tombs to the Roman period.


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