inside-1905.pngPrivate collections are usually hard to see but very interesting because they represent the development of a city or of a territory. From this idea the Province of Trieste is giving impulse to the exhibitions from those collection in the great space that has been arranged at Magazzino delle Idee, in Corso Cavour, Trieste.

magazzino-300x199Don’t be fooled, from outside it looks like a construction site but inside the place has been arranged to be a perfect area for exhibitions.

From April 1st to June 2nd here are shown a collection of 100 masterpieces collected by the CRT (Cassa Risparmio di Trieste) and owned by the Foundation throughout the XX Century. This exhibition is incentrated on the local artists that in those 100 years have worked and have expressed their Triestiniti in those works: the light of the Gulf, the fog in the karst, the war and the passage from the Austro-Hungarian enpire to the Italian reign… all this can be seen in those works.

allestimento.jpg_649092270I went to see the show last weekend really appreciated this exhibition, not only from the artistic point of view but also how it was organized and lighted. The exhibition is free and they also do guided tours. Last, but not least, I would like to plaude the fact that everything was in Italian, Slovenian and English. In a monolingual Italy that seems not to understand the importance of translations it is good to see that Trieste is one step ahead.

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