Poster-MIVAgain, for the fifth consecutive year, the exhibition of carnet de voyage organized in Mestre, at Centro Culturale Candiani, was pure emotions.

The organizing  association, Matite in Viaggio, proposed a three day event rich of opportunities to meet the artists, to discover their technics and to learn about their publications.

This is an example of event rich of culture and ideas that the public loved for its way of showing to the world a different way to live life and travels.

This events is an opportunity to learn about the phylosophy behind the Urban Sketching community, a group of people that show with passion what they see and what they live and that everybody could be part of.

Being an Urban Sketcher allows you to observe and fall in love with whatever surrounds you.

A way of travelling that helps you understand that impressions leave on you a mark that makes you what you are.

For me this event is also a way to stay with new and old friends with the same passion, to see what they are working at and to be inspired.

I also went to some of the conferences that were organized during the days and of course a short sketching visit in Venice was compulsory and here I discovered how much you can lose your hand in a couple of months of inactivity. Here my view on the San Marco bell tower.

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