Last Saturday it was the perfetct day to remember the tragic happenings of October 24th, 1917: the battle of Caporetto where Italy lost badly against the Austrian and German army.

During the whole year 2015, for the 100 years anniversary of beginning of WWI, the Friuli Venezia Giulia region organized many interesting visits on the trails that saw the battles and their cruelty.

Saturday it was sunny and the sky was blue and it was difficult to think what it must have been for the soldiers of both nationalities to live 100 meters apart, in the dirt and in the cold, shooting at each other and dying for some incomprehensible reason.

I’m not a scholar of any sort and I have a bad memory for historical facts, but I like to learn new things and I like to try to understad humans and their inhumanity. It is hard to visit this place and not to stop to reflect and to try to understand something that even 100 years later seems to make no reason.

Thousands of deaths for hundreds of meters, a war that at the end was based and won only by whom had more people to sacrifice.

I’m glad to have found those initiatives that will last until the end of November and maybe will be proposed again next year and I hope that I will be able to participate.

To visit those places with a guide that explains what happened and shows you the places and the details is a great opportunity to grow and to understand.

I look forward to the next one, and if you want to join you can find the list on www.itinerarigrandeguerra.it

PS I couldn’t stop during the day but during luch I couldn’t avoid doing a fast sketch of the Monte Piatto, where the last defence line of Italy was passing before the Caporetto battle.

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