First of all, I wish you a great 2016!

The new year just started and  everybody is wondering how it is going to be. In Friuli area, on the 6th of January this question is asked to the fire, to the Pignarul.

All over the region events and shows are organized to celebrate the new year and Epifany. This year for the first time I went to see the show and with my friends we decided to go to Tarcento (UD) where one of the biggest fires are lighted.

During the whole day various events were organized, such as the flag-wavers coming from Spilimbergo (picture above), or the wood carvers of the Tomats, the carnival masks typical of the region.

 Then of course there are the stands of food and drinks, especially the Vin Brulé (hot wine with spices) that is perfect to keep warm during the winter days.

The main event is then the parade of the historical re-enactment where people from the city is parading with the dresses from the medioeval time, later there is the tochlight walk up the hill where the fire is lighted. A huge bonefire of 15-20 meters that can be seen from everywhere.

Here the old sage reads the smoke of the fire to tell the auspices for the new year.
In this case the smoke was going toward South-West and therefore the auspices were not so good. The sage suggested to help each other in order to overcome the problems and difficulties that we will have to face during the year. I would say that it is a suggestion that could be helpful in any case.

The overall experience was really nice, a piece of traditions that we are lucky to have preserved since the medioeval time. You can believe it or not but is part of our roots and I think it is important to know.



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