thumb_SAM_5080_1024Another great exhibition at Magazzino delle Idee in Trieste.  This time it was different, it is an expo dedicated to one contemporary artist, Vatroslav Kulis, a Croatian painter, and not to a collective exhibition connected to a period. The title “Centripetalne fuge”, a title that already express the dichotomy of his work.

I didn’t know this artist before and I remained folgarated and inspired by his abstract art. I loved the strength, the power and the emotions that his works were able to suscitate in me.

Reading from the catalogue by Tonko Maroevic I would like to report the following information: “Paintings are characterized by an exceptional dynamism, a strong contrast of the first plane and the background, a pronounced confrontation of delicate details and aggressive dominants.

The round centre a the starting point of a galaxy of chromatic particles, like explosions. But at the same time the circle can be perceived as the staring point of a voyage toward the depths of introversion.”


Another thing I want to report is a quote from Kulis: “Art comes from the enthusiasm that tells us we are still alive and from experience, that is inside us like the seeds inside a fruit”. I found this phrase inspiring (I did interpret it a bit because the guide read it and I couldn’t write it down completely) because I like the idea of art as a game, a game to tell the spectators the artist emotions based on experience. Art as a present, the artist express his emotions and donate emotions, and experience, to the watcher who can accept or not both the emotions and the present.

More about Vatroslav Kulis at his website

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