This is me, I grew up in Trieste a gorgeous city by the sea… and then I travelled around the world: USA, Austria, Brazil, Taiwan…
Later I ended up in Florence, Italy, cuddle of arts and history, an open air museum where it seems to be breathing air and art!

Florence marked my return to creativity that had somehow disappeared through the years. I took some courses and try to let it flow. After few years I discovered Urban Sketching that thought me to observe things and details around me and is helping me find my style.

Nowadays I’m back in Trieste and I’m enjoying my family and my city, I’m back with my old friends and I’m running my own company with my brother, which is a great challenge. The busy schedule is sometimes not helping, but I try to make time for living my passions. One of which is traveling, which I’m trying to do as much as possible.

Others you will find out through my blog which is the place I will try to collect my new experiences! I hope you enjoy it, any suggestion is welcome!


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  1. Thank you so much for following our blog 🙂

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